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About Us

𝗩𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲 & 𝗔𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀 are business owners, coaches, consultants, content experts, marketing professionals, talent acquisition specialists, and educators with decades of experience allowing us to bring thoughtful insight to a constantly changing business environment.

We are a team of business experts committed to helping companies achieve their goals. Vetere & Associates consists of seasoned professionals from all walks of life who have joined together with a single purpose, to help our clients successfully grow their businesses.

Continuous learning is a hallmark of the Vetere & Associates team. We don’t rest on what we know or have achieved. We constantly look to improve as individuals, as a team, and organization so that you are more successful.

Whether you are struggling or soaring, our team welcomes the opportunity to work with you to accomplish your business goals. At  Vetere & Associates, we will always want to know, Where Are You Growing Today(TM).

Meet the VA Team

Mary Soriano

LinkedIn Growth Strategist

Mary Soriano is the go-to person for building a client’s customer base. With over a decade of experience in connecting business owners with leads through LinkedIn connections, she delivers outcomes with measurable results. Mary has a high conversion rate in turning prospects into clients using organic and automated lead generation strategies.

Chris Cravens

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Chris Cravens has built, transformed, and consulted for numerous organizations after serving as an NCIS federal investigator and on as an active-duty infantry Marine. Chris deployed overseas three times in support of counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2004 and 2012.

Upon return from his federal and military service Chris obtained his bachelor’s degree in social and criminal justice and an MBA in public administration. Chris has created and enhanced talent pipelines that have aggregated thousands of candidates into all levels of organizations requisitions, to include many on the Fortune 100 list.

Chris lives in Cincinnati Ohio with is wife Lauren and 2 children. He enjoys spending time on the lake with his family and golfing.

Joshua Ranson

Operations and Administration

Josh Ranson has a decade of administrative and sales experience working for companies in different industries. His expertise includes streamlining internal business operations efficiently. Using cloud-based software and tools, Joshua designs seamless workflows that ensure productivity and optimal team performance. Joshua holds a Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

Josh Ranson has a decade of administrative experience. His expertise includes developing and implementing efficient systems and procedures that ensure productivity and optimal team performance. A highly detailed orientated and thorough mindset allows Joshua to deliver high-quality work within all aspects of business. Joshua holds a Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

Josh lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts and is a die hard New England sports fan. He also enjoys astronomy, telescopes, video games and hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Jewel Mathew

Graphic Designer

Jewel Mathew has extensive experience designing creative content for blogs and social media for various clients. She is a creative team player who seeks to improve brand awareness through her compelling designs. Her favorite part of what she does is the typography and layout she designs that tells captivating visual stories.

She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Designing from the University of Illinois Chicago.

Shelby Escamilla

Copy Writer

Shelby is seasoned copywriter and content creator with experience in a wide range of subject matter. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University. She has written for websites, magazines,newspapers, and blogs. When she’s not working, Shelby is usually at home with a cup of coffee and good book or spending time with her husband and their family.

Ryan Cabana

Video Production and Cinematographer

Ryan Cabana weaves magical productions with his camera and captures the narrative that persuades and inspires audiences. He has been creating videos for real estate, small businesses, weddings, and social events. Ryan directs photo and video shoots for marketing clips, webinars and business talks.

He is a graduate of Keene State College, where he completed his studies in cinematography, post-production, light and sound.

Rachelle King

Senior Developer

Rachelle is a web developer & marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience creating and marketing scalable websites, apps & software solutions for SMB & global Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about using technology to improve business growth, increase sales, enhance social communications. and actively engage customers to increase long term business value and success. As a past employee of Microsoft and Sierra Games, as well as a contracted marketer for multiple ecommerce & social sharing companies including Classmates and others, she has a lengthy background with experience in coordinating online usability, content strategy, email marketing, SEO, PPC, Analytics and managing vendor partnerships. She has been a mentor to interns and junior marketers in many different roles and holds numerous professional certifications, including Dale Carnegie Leadership & public speaking.

She has led many marketing campaigns and web development projects across different content management systems and ecommerce platforms. Her experience has led to being able to transform companies from under $1,000 a month in gross revenue to up to $2S million annually. Her knowledge and hands on experience of multiple paid network ad campaigns and SEO combined with both coding and graphic skills makes her a fantastic asset when choosing to grow your business in almost any online marketplace.

John Vetere

Principal & CEO

John’s expertise includes a deep understanding of the financial, marketing, sales, operations and human issues faced by organizations today. However, John is most known for his ability to rapidly assess an organizations’ situation and work with leaders to combine successful strategic, tactical, and leadership initiatives.

John is referred to as a “prac-ademic” combining a 20-year teaching career as an Adjunct Professor of Business at Suffolk University (Boston) with a 30-year business ownership and consulting career. John has helped hundreds of individuals, teams, and organizations excel in their respective industries.

Brimming with boundless energy and passion for excellence, John brings across his insight with depth, data and clarity, effecting the desired outcomes of clients.

As the CEO of Vetere & Associates since 2014, John continues to provide strategic and coaching programs for business owners, small to medium sized companies, and non-profit organizations.